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Neostar warranty

If your vehicle was purchased in Neostar, don't worry! This means that it has a warranty of 6 or 12 months, and if you have paid extra for even greater safety of your pet, you have a warranty of 24 months. 

We hope you know in which drawer the documentation of your vehicle is located, because you will also find the warranty certificate there. 
Repair under warranty at the repair shop of your choice! 

If you are not sure or have additional questions, contact us on 0800 8800.

Premium parts

Due to their performance, reliability and high quality materials, they deserve their name - Premium parts. They are of high enough quality that car manufacturers use them during the first installation.

Driver license 

All the secrets of your car are written in this book. Find the information you need for a better understanding of your own car.

Tyre width

Nominal width of the tyre, in millimeters, from side to side of the tyre.

Tyre height

The height of the side of a tyre is expressed as a percentage of its width. For example, if the tyre has a 225/45 mark, it means that the tyre is 225 mm wide and the sidewall height is 45% of its width, that is, 101 mm.


The design mark describes the orientation of the fibers of the internal load-bearing structure or of the carcass. Modern tyres are almost exclusively of radial construction and carry the designation R. They provide better performance and longer life than classic diagonal tyres.

Rim size

Expressed in inches, this number indicates the diameter of the rim for which the tyre is intended.

Load capacity index

Tyre capacity mark. In the case of passenger cars, this index ranges from 75 (387 kg per tyre), to 100 (800 kg per tyre).

Speed index

The speed index indicates the maximum speed for which the tyre is intended. The letter designations most commonly encountered on passenger car tyres range from Q (up to 160 km/h) to Y (up to 300 km/h).


If the tyre is intended for use in snow and mud, it will be marked M + S

DOT mark

The DOT mark indicates the date of manufacture of the tyre. The first number indicates the week and the second the last two digits of the year the tyre was manufactured.

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